Paper books v/s e-books

A debate for all the book lovers: Paper books or e-books.

Today we discuss the topic about Paper books v/s e-books .Books are not the only source of entertainment anymore, but books still have a considerable fan base. After choosing books over all the games, TV shows, web series and what not, the readers have to choose The book. And with the technological development they have another decision to make- Paper books or e-books?

For the readers who take their books seriously the format matters a lot. This has led us to the constant debate, and here are the arguments for both the candidates-

Paper books

Paper book being the traditional medium have a strong fan base. Here are some advantages:


Paper books have an undeniable nostalgic factor. It is the mode from which we initially learnt reading.

Physical experience

When you hold a paper book you feel the paper. The texture and smell of the paper are an experience worth retaining.


The object itself and the objects inside it, stay where they were. The words written on a specific page will stay there whenever you visit them.


When you start reading a paper book you travel with the story. As you turn every page you feel the journey from first page to the last.

No charging

Your paper book will never run out of battery, and you never need to login.


E-books are the latest technology which comes with advanced features. Some of the advantages:


You can easily carry all your books in one lite device and access them whenever and wherever.


You can easily customize the font size or style to make it more convenient for the eyes.

In-built dictionary

E-books come with in-built dictionaries, so you save your time and understand the text.


E-books are fairly cheaper than paper books because printing costs are eliminated.

Can be read in dark

If you often fall asleep reading e-books can help. You can read them in dark after switching off the lights.

Both e-books and paper books have their own perks. It is up to the reader what they prefer, but what matters is that you Read!

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