UN praises India for paying dues on time.

UN praises India for paying dues on time

UN praises India for paying dues on time.

The UN has thanked India for paying its regular budget assessments. Only the fourth nation to make full contributions within the specified timeframe of the 193-member world body.

“With a fourth country paying up today, we are going to repeat thanks to Armenia, Portugal, and Ukraine, and freshly thank India, which paid up today,” says Stephane Dujarric.

India paid 23.25 million dollars of net assessment on January 10. Becoming only the fourth country to have paid its regular budget assessments in full by February 1, 2020. Within the 30 days due period specified in the Financial Regulation.

“Very few have already made it, Hope many, many more make it.” India’s permanent representative to the UN Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin says on timely payment of dues. 

Last year also, India was among the handful of only 34 UN member states that had paid their regular budget dues in full and on time to the world organization.

Only 33 other nations paid their regular budget assessments in full within this 30-day due period. Subsequent to the end of the 30-day due period, 95 additional member states paid their 2019 regular budget assessments in full.

UN facing a liquidity crisis.

The UN is facing a severe liquidity crisis, reaching its deepest deficit of the decade. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said, warning that the world organization will not have enough cash by next month to cover payrolls.

However, 64 states are yet to pay their regular budget dues in full for 2019. These include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Central African Republic, North Korea, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Oman, the Philippines, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, US, and Venezuela.

Whereas India has been among the few countries to have fully paid its dues to the UN on time. The UN owed India USD 38 million. Among the highest, it has to pay to any country, for peacekeeping operations as of March 2019.

The UN will not publicly identify the countries that have not cleared their payments. Sources said the main culprits are the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Iran. According to a report, the world body is currently more than $200 million in the red.

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