Delhi Polls 2020: Who will sweep the elections?

Arvind kejriwal and rahul gandhi and Modi

Delhi Polls 2020: Who will sweep the elections?

Delhi will soon witness its Legislative Assembly election on 8th February, 2020. All the political parties contesting are gearing up for the polls. Each party is presenting its manifesto to the public. The results of the poll are likely to come out on 11th February 2020.

The parties will be contesting for 70 seats of Delhi Legislative Assembly. In 2015, Aam Aadmi Party won the Assembly elections with 67 seats and formed a majority government. While BJP could manage to win 3 seats, Congress didn’t have any seat.

Parties Contesting.

Aam Aadmi Party without any coalition is participating with their 70 candidates. NDA is running in coalition with BJP (67), Janata Dal (United) (2) and Lok Jan Shakti Party (1). UPA is contesting with INC (66), RJD (4) and BSP (70). 

These three parties are to look out for this year’s poll. There are other parties with 388 more candidates participating in the elections. All the parties have already begun their campaigning.

Parties and Campaigns.

BJP and AAP are organising different programmes across Delhi for the February 8th polls. Arvind Kejriwal started a roadshow for their campaigning. 

BJP’s campaigns are mostly related to CAA and NRC. Since the announcement of Citizenship Amendment Law, there has been a stir in the country. Protests seem to have no end until now. 

Whereas the Aam Aadmi Party is highlighting the works of Arvind Kejriwal in the last five years. Arvind Kejriwal while addressing the public in his roadshow says that he has no desire to become the chief minister. The only reason he is looking for the votes is for the betterment of Delhi.

Kejriwal talks about how his government has improved the schools and hospitals in Delhi in the last five years. He says that if his party wins the elections again, his government will clean the Yamuna river in such a way that people can take a dip in it.

Congress has released its 40-star campaigners for the elections. Mostly Congress is banking on works of Sheila Dixit, who was Delhi’s CM for 15 years.

Stir over CAA in polls.

Citizenship Law seems to affect most of the votes in the polls next month. BJP is facing criticism from the public as well as political parties. Many believe that the law is unconstitutional and will harm the citizens.

BJP has been trying to clarify the misunderstanding of people but nothing seems to calm them down. Union Minister Amit Shah is heavily campaigning for the party. He accuses the opposition of spreading misinformation about CAA and backing the rioters in the national capital.

Amit Shah in his rally at Babarpur says that if AAP or Congress comes into power, Delhi will never be safe under them. 

It will be interesting to know who will sweep the Delhi’s Assembly elections on February 8th, 2020. With parties campaigning and blaming each other to win the elections, Delhi is ready to witness the political battle.

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