Coronavirus fear intensifies as it reaches India.

Coronavirus Diseases Spread many Countries Via Cough

Coronavirus fear intensifies as it reaches India.

After unleashing havoc on China, coronavirus reaches India. Though no cases have been detected yet, over 450 people are kept under observation in India. Kerala has most of such cases and they are undergoing screening to detect the possible exposure of the virus.

Indians who have returned recently from China are approaching for medical help to take precautions. In India, seven airports including Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai have the arrangements of screening the passengers arriving from China.

From China to India.

Three people in Delhi’s RML hospital are under observation on suspicion of the novel coronavirus. A woman from Thailand died in Kolkata due to the virus. Following this, various precautionary measures are taken across countries to prevent the deadly virus.

A woman in Patna is also under observation after returning from China. About 15 such cases are reported in Maharashtra as well. Five out which are in a special isolation ward. Blood samples of all the patients are under testing to identify the existence of a virus. 

Several reports of people in suspicion of carrying the virus from four districts of Rajasthan have also come into the light. A banker who recently returns from China is under observation in Chandigarh. The man is in suspicion to be the first case of the Punjab region. His blood samples are under testing in National Institute of Virology, Pune.

Evacuation of Indians.

The Central government decides to evacuate Indian citizens from China, especially the Wuhan region. Wuhan is the epicentre for the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. 

Air India has kept a Boeing 747-400, a 423-seater jumbo plane on standby in Mumbai. The airline officials are waiting for approval from the Health Ministry and the Ministry of External Affairs. Approval from the Health Ministry is important as the airline crew has to go to a virus outbreak territory.

Around 250 Indian nationals are waiting for their evacuation from Wuhan. The Ministry of External Affairs will make a request to Chinese authorities regarding the evacuation process. 

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses causing respiratory problems. Till now 2774 cases in China have come into the light. The death toll mounts to 80 due to which China is under complete lockdown.

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