Anti-CAA Protests: Firing at Jamia, one student is hurt.

Anti-CAA Protests: Firing at Jamia, one student is hurt.

Today during the anti-CAA protests at Jamia, a student got shot by an unidentified person. The witnesses of the incident say that the man shouted ‘who wants azaadi’ before firing.

The student has been rushed to the hospital and the attacker is in police custody. All the protesters including the students of Jamia Millia Islamia were protesting against CAA and NRC. They all were marching towards Rajghat for the protest when the incident took place.

The video clip of the incident shows the attacker wearing a black jacket and a single-barrel gun is in his hands. The attacker is standing a few meters away from the police monitoring the area of protest.

Identification of victim & convict.

The attacker who is in police custody identifies himself as Gopal. The police’s confirmation about his claims is yet to come. 

Meanwhile, the student is in the Holy Family hospital in the Jamia area. The student’s name is Shadab Najar. He is a student of Mass Communication and Research Centre in Jamia Millia Islamia.

Witnesses words.

“We were moving towards the Holy Family Hospital where the police have put barricades. Suddenly, a gun-wielding man comes out and starts firing. One bullet hit my friend’s hand,” a student from Jamia says.

Another student says that the man before firing has been shouting ‘who wants freedom’, ‘I’ll give you freedom’. 

An incident is similar to Shaheen Bagh.

The incident at Jamia today is similar to that of Shaheen Bagh on Tuesday. A man from Shaheen Bagh with a gun was threatening the protesters to vacate the area. “The protesters will have to face dire consequences if they don’t leave the area. Dead bodies will cover the Shaheen Bagh,” are the threats from the gunman.

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