60 million followers on Twitter for PM Modi.

60 million followers on Twitter for PM Modi.

PM Modi gets 60 million followers on Twitter today making him the most popular leader of India on the micro-blogging site. Prime Minister Narendra Modi always tries to reach out to the masses through the social media platforms. He shares his opinions, ideas, thoughts and achievements with the masses and also seeks for their opinion. 

PM Modi continues to be one of the most followed leaders in the world. He is also the most followed Indian on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Beating all the world leaders, former US President Barack Obama leads Twitter with the most number of followers. With 120.7 million followers, Barack Obama is the most followed person in the world. 

Second most followed leader on Twitter is current US President Donald Trump with 83 million followers. PM Modi stands at third position among the world leaders with 60 million Twitter followers. Among the list of most followed accounts on Twitter PM Modi stands at 15th position. 

A Great Leader.

PM Modi’s Twitter followers show his massive popularity as a leader among the masses. He has emerged as a great leader for the nation as well as the world. Many world leaders admire his leadership and praise him for his way of handling issues. PM Modi had 50 million followers on Twitter in September 2019, within 10 months he has gained 10 million followers. This shows what a great leader he is and how his popularity is growing day by day.

PM Modi joined Twitter in January 2009 when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He is very active on Twitter and tries extensively to connect with his followers. PM Modi mostly shares announcements of any developments, new policies and timing of his addresses to the nation. PM Modi also uses Twitter to congratulate leaders and famous personalities

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