Tiktokers VS YouTubers : #skirt

Tiktokers VS YouTubers : #skirt

Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps having high user base TikTok is equipped with creative and fun or initiated content and TikTok curse are found creating multiple videos on a daily basis. Since the app is flooded with a wealth aura of videos. On the other YouTube content is a content-driven platform where YouTubers take and ample time to create engagement and unique videos.


However, a war has been started between YouTubers and talkers when Amir Siddiqui made video roasting YouTubers saying that they just make content once in a blue moon; however, TikTok cause makes multiple videos in a day. He is was like more than Tiktokers are more capable than YouTubers because they create ample videos in a day. Whereas, YouTubers take much time in creating a single video. He further emphasized that YouTubers get views from publishing TikTok content and gain viewership.

In response to all this, all YouTubers started roasting Amir Siddiqui and notified that stalkers are conducting copyright infringement and their shop would be closed if music companies raised the copyright issues since TikTokers use famous songs in their videos without the consent of the music company. This TikTokers Vs Youtubers have taken a higher level in the social media and lot mamas have been created in this regard.


The ongoing controversy between the tick TikTokers and YouTubers has become one of the loudest noises as a content creator Ajay Nagar Carry Minati has shared his roast video that has featured the users of TikTok and it went viral. there is another statement by an Indian YouTuber that the TikTok is purchasing the blue tickets from the Instagram for also making the fake Wikipedia for the blue tickets from the digital agency, in this controversial video, the girl also stated that the TikTok and u tubes are different platforms. However, over 2 billion people log in and visit YouTube and TikTok on a daily basis, each day because people watch many videos.

The Carry Minati TikTok roast video has got 24 million views earlier and now it has become even more than that. In this video, he has played different TikTok videos by explaining why TikTok user disliked him. The video is all about the YouTubers versus stalkers the height created on social media before his reader going life sees blue.

Amir Siddiqui the TikTokers has now immensely been targeted by YouTubers and they have been active social media and it has become the most trending topic.

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