Actor Sonu Sood trends on Twitter as netizens laud him for helping migrants amid lockdown.

Actor Sonu Sood trends on Twitter as netizens laud him for helping migrants amid lockdown.

Actor Sonu Sood trends on Twitter as netizens laud him for helping migrants amid lockdown.

Actor Sonu Sood is trending on Twitter these days for his efforts towards helping the migrants reach their home states. Thousands of helpless migrant labourers are stuck in Mumbai and are struggling to find their way back home. Netizens are calling the ‘Dabangg 3’ actor a messiah for these poor migrants.

A reel life villain has become a hero for his fans in real life. Sonu is setting an example of humanity and is leading the Covid19 battle from front. He has started an initiative called ‘Ghar Bhejo’ to help the migrants reach their homes. Sonu’s initiative has sent 750 migrants to UP and Karnataka in 20 buses.

Sonu Sood – The Real Hero.

In the last couple of months actor Sonu Sood has been in headlines for his help in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Headlines such as ‘Sonu Sood gives his Juhu hotel for healthcare workers’, ‘Sonu Sood feeds the underprivileged’ and ‘Sonu Sood to feed 25,000 migrants during Ramzan’ are grabbing people’s attention. 

The actor not only arranged buses for the migrants but also provided them with meal kits. He is sponsoring the travel expenses as well as food expenses of the migrant workers. Today, #SonuSood is trending at the top on Twitter as fans laud him for his kind gesture and help towards the migrants.

“I feel it is my duty to help the migrants, the heartbeats of our country. We have seen migrants walking on the highways with their families and kids. We just can’t sit in the AC and tweet and show our concern till we don’t go on the roads, till we don’t become one of them. Otherwise they will not have the trust that there is someone standing there for them. So I have been coordinating for their travels, for permissions from different states,” says the actor.

Several migrant workers are now seeking redressal from Sonu Sood by getting in touch with him. They are asking for his help so that they can head back to their homes. Sonu’s efforts are widely appreciated across India and we can say that his efforts are not going in vain. His Twitter account is flooded with appreciation messages from the netizens. 

“Now I get so many messages and hundreds of emails everyday saying that they want to travel and I have been coordinating non-stop from the morning till the evening. This has become my only job during this lockdown. It gives me so much satisfaction that I can’t express in words,” says Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood – The New Meme King.

Several memes lauding the actor Sonu Sood for his help towards migrants is floating around the internet. Fans are sharing different funny memes of the actor thanking him for being a messiah for thousands of needy people. The social media world is swirling with praise notes for Sonu Sood and some are in the form of memes.

The Bollywood actor couldn’t help but laugh at the memes that sum up how he is ready to help those who want to go home. One such meme is featuring Sonu and actress Alia Bhatt which has forced him to laugh out loud. 

The meme features two images, the first image shows one of the scenes from Alia Bhatt’s movie Razi – where she is begging to go back to her home. The other image shows a scene from Pankaj Tripathi’s Mirzapur with Sonu’s face morphed on Pankaj’s face. The second image says “Hum karte hai prabandh, aap chinta mat kijiye ( We will make the arrangements, don’t worry).

Sonu Sood retweets this hilarious meme with a bunch of laughing out loud emoticons on his Twitter handle. A little fun in this time of Covid19 battle will do no harm to anyone. The actor is winning hearts and praises from the entire nation for his kind efforts.

Nidhi Shree

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