Amir Siddiqui reply to Carry Minati #playedEmotinalCard

Amir Siddiqui reply to Carry Minati #playedEmotinalCard

Amir Siddiqui replied Carry Minati and #played emotional card also told the reason behind making the video against the Youtubers. He said he don’t want to spread the hate. Because of him so much hate is spreading for the TikTokers.

He also said ” I am not making this video to support Tiktokers, I am here to end this TikTok Vs YouTube War,” he said. it was his mistake that he didn’t point the roasters. In the video, he directly pointed towards “Elvish Yadav“. who had roasted video and also used some vulgar words for girls.

Amir Siddiqui told after Elvish and other roasters who makes the video on insulting and saying bad things about girls. He directly played an emotional card, I think a girl does not need anyone support and why does he tell now? That he made a video on supporting tiktokers Girls.

He asked to carry minati that you are a social influencer “why doesn’t he stop his roasters friends from abusing and using vulgar words for girls in their video”.

He also feels sorry for his videos and he made many mistakes in the past video which he regret. But Now he claimed that he is starting a hastag which is #AMIRAGAINSTCYBERBULLYING.

Amir showed in his Video

He also calmed that roasters are doing Cyber bullying and also asked that to join in his hashtag, and end this war. He doesn’t want to spread hate.

TikTok is one of the most popular apps having user base TikTok is equipped with creative and fun initiated content. and TikTok cars are found to create multiple videos on a daily basis. since the app is flooded with a wealth of our videos. On the other hand YouTube content is a content-driven platform. where YouTubers take and ample time to create engagement and unique videos.

Reactions after CarryMinati Video

The reaction of YouTubers to Tiktokers: Carryminati roast video was usually uploaded among the YouTubers and even among members. The made memories with 3 idiots sense “hai himmat” and bhag bhag Aaya Sher Aaya among many other sciences to show how they feel about the video.

Amir Siddiqui skirt mystery solved: In the video, Carryminati is seen questioning Aamir Siddiqui Instagram #one such hashtag was #skirt. which made no sense Aamir was dressed in sweatpants in the image. carryminati went on to question how could Amir compare. carryminati went on to question how could Amir compare the two and call himself. carryminati went on to question how could Amir compare the two and call himself as social media influencer after the goof up.

Bhuvan bam and Ashish chanchlani upload carryminati:carryminati share screenshot from his video call with fallow YouTubers star Bhuvan bam and Ashish chanchlani manati was constantly talking about crossing the 2 million mark in his video.

stating that he put up with a lot and third he deserves the views. The much-awaited video instantly event fired and BB ki vines Sen Bhuvan bam along with Ashish chanchlani clap for carryminati success. Amir Siddiqui replied Carry Minati and# played an emotional card that doesn’t affect anyone.

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