Netizens Slam Twitter For Temporarily Blocking Amul ‘Boycott Chinese Goods’ Creative

Netizens Slam Twitter For Temporarily Blocking Amul ‘Boycott Chinese Goods’ Creative

Twitter allegedly deactivated Amul account on June 4. In an interview with WION, a Twitter spokesperson shared, “The account was caught in our spam filter. Safety and security of the accounts is a key priority for us and sometimes to ensure an account has not been compromised we require the account owner to complete a simple reCAPTCHA process also termed as an ‘anti-spam’ challenge.

These challenges are simple for authentic account owners to solve, but difficult (or costly) for spammy or malicious account owners to complete. Once the account clears this security step, as was the case with @Amul_Coop, the account regains full access. To protect the accounts we routinely require them to clear this security key for login verification.”

However, the damage was done as netizes lashed at the micro-blogging site for siding with China. While one user wrote, “#TwitterBlocksAmul Twitter is anserable to 1.3billion Indians why they did this. #Amul supported the #BoycottChina move, what’s wrong in supporting national interest,#Twitter doesn’t even exist in #China why support the villain.Clearly #Dragon is funding all this mayham (sic)”, another warned, “#Amul is not just taste of India but pride of India! Don’t mess with India Twitter! (sic)” and yet another lashed, “Twitter which itself is blocked in China, blocked #Amul account due to these cartoons. What kind of hypocrisy is this? We Indians support #Amul (sic).”

In the heat of rising tensions between India and China at the border, many celebrities came forward to urge Indians into boycotting Chinese goods in retaliation and dairy giant Amul was no different. On June 3, Amul India in its signature style, shared a creative with its protagonist girl with blue hair.eaturing her giving a stern look to a red dragon, who held a China placard, the creative carried the question, “Exit the Dragon?” Taking to their handle on Twitter, Amul shared the creative with the caption, “#Amul Topical: About the boycott of Chinese products

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