Assam imposes 14-day lockdown from June 28.

Assam imposes 14-day lockdown from June 28.

Assam announces imposition of 14-day complete lockdown starting from June 28 midnight. In the view of rising Covid19 cases in the state there will be a complete lockdown in the Kamrup Metropolitan district of Assam. Assam’s Health Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma has made the announcement public.

Assam’s biggest city Guwahati will also be under complete lockdown for 14 days. The state has come up with this decision due to the increasing number of positive cases. In the past 10 days the state has reported 677 fresh Covid19 cases. The state government will also impose a curfew from 7pm to 7am across the state.

As per the Assam’s Health Minister, there will be a lockdown on Saturdays and Sundays in the urban areas of the state. “Areas falling under the jurisdiction of town committees and municipalities will come under the ambit of the weekend lockdown and will continue until further notice,” says Assam’s Health Minister.

The “Painful” Decision.

The Health Minister of Assam considers re-imposition of complete lockdown in the state as a “painful” decision. He says that as the people of the state have failed to follow Covid19 protocols, the government was forced to step in. 

“People have failed to fulfil their social responsibility and when that happens the government has to step in. We have decided to impose complete lockdown in Guwahati from Sunday 7pm onwards for 14 days till 6pm on July 12,” says Sarma.

He also informs the media that only medical shops, hospitals and pharmacies will be open during the lockdown. “We didn’t want to go from unlocking to a lockdown mode again, but have to take certain tough but painful decisions. It will be strictly enforced and nothing, except hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories, will be allowed to operate.”

People ignore social distancing.

According to Sarma, people of Guwahati continue to ignore social distancing norms making the situation scary. He also says that in the coming days it is likely to expect a surge in Covid19 cases in Guwahati.

“In Guwahati, barely 10% of the people are following social distancing and other safety norms. The situation is becoming scary and critical. While we expect Covid-19 positive cases across Assam to dip in the coming days, the surge is likely to continue in Guwahati.”

What’s open, what’s not?

All government and private offices will remain shut during the lockdown. Shops, business establishments and industries will also remain closed. All hotels, educational institutions and religious places will be closed. Private or personal vehicles will be allowed to ply.

“No functions of any kind will be allowed and only 20 people can take part in a funeral. Grocery, fruit and vegetable shops and establishments selling meat and poultry products will be not allowed to open. I urge the public to buy their essential items before the lockdown starts,” says Sarma.

Movement of defence and police personnel will be exempted. Government officials from fire services, disaster management, electricity, water supply, garbage disposal and health workers are also allowed. “Only those hotels used for quarantine and by airline crew will be allowed to operate, government directorates and secretariat will function with skeleton staff and petrol pumps allowed to open.”

The first seven days of the lockdown will be very strict in the state. On July 3, there will be a meeting of the state government to review the situation and decide the further exemption process.

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