BJP demands CBI probe into Rajasthan audiotapes row.

BJP demands CBI probe into Rajasthan audiotapes row.

Amid the ongoing political crisis BJP demands CBI probe into Rajasthan audiotapes row. Two days ago audiotapes having the recording of conspiracy to topple the Gehlot government got leaked. Since then these audiotapes are doing rounds on social media and fueling the blame game between both the parties.

Randeep Surjewala, Congress chief spokesperson also alleges BJP for horse-trading in Rajasthan. He accuses that in the audiotapes one can hear BJP leaders including Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat conspiring against the Rajasthan government. Congress is continuously attacking the BJP government over the suspicion of audiotapes.

In a press conference on Saturday, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra demands for a CBI probe into the leaked audiotapes on behalf of BJP. “Is BJP controlling everything? Of course not, the sin was theirs. Conspiracy is going on within their house. We’ve said the tapes are manufactured,” says Sambit Patra in the conference.

BJP leader Sambit Patra attacks Congress senior leaders by questioning the authenticity of the audio clips. Patra also questions if the Gehlot government is compromising the privacy of people and politicians? The BJP leader asks six questions to the Gehlot government and demands an immediate answer to the questions.

The ‘Six’ Questions.

Questioning the authenticity of the audio clips, Sambit Patra demands a CBI probe over the tapes. Sambit Patra also asks Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot how is he so sure that these audiotapes are authentic when the FIR does not support his claims. He has asked six crucial questions to senior Congress leaders including Ashok Gehlot.

“We are asking the Gehlot government some questions: Was phone tapping done with authority? Is it not a sensitive and a legal issue (phone tapping)? Was SOP followed, assuming you tapped phones? Finding yourself cornered, did you resort to such tactics? Are you tapping phones of any person who may belong to any political person in Rajasthan? Is it not a situation of an emergency now in Rajasthan?” 

The BJP spokesperson tears into the Gehlot government questioning if they are tapping the phones with authority? He further questions if the Congress is compromising the privacy of the general public and politicians from any party in Rajasthan? Sambit Patra also asks CM Ashok Gehlot that did he misused the state machinery? Did the Rajasthan government resort to unconstitutional methods to tap phones of politicians?

CBI Probe.

BJP demands for a CBI probe into allegations made by the Congress in Rajasthan based on the audiotapes. “Our morality is crystal clear and we work as per the Constitution. Which is why we want a CBI probe,” says Sambit Patra. 

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra calls for a CBI investigation into this saga of illegalities and concocted lies. Sambit Patra also alleges that conspiracy lies within the Congress, BJP has no involvement in this. Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat also denies to the allegations saying that the voice in the audiotapes is not his.

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