Chris Hemsworth can’t do it All On His Own In “Extraction”

Chris Hemsworth can’t do it All On His Own In “Extraction”

Without questions ,Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars .Playing Thor in the Marvel cinematic Universe will do that for you .Beyond being the God of Thunder in the MCU ,Hemsworth has displayed some underrated comedic chops ,but in the new Netflix action flick Extraction ,he’s given a largely humorless role .His killing machine main character is a throwback to the types of roles that action heroes a generation ago would have coveted ,but the overall final product is uneven .For every step forward the film takes with intensity or a creatively staged actions set piece there’s at least one step back ,in terms of senseless violence ,narrative muddling ,and some questionable racial elements .It all adds up to something that’s decent enough for boring afternoon on Netflix ,but not quite as good as it could have been.

An old fashioned action movie ,it follows a man on,you guessed it,a mission .The mission ? To rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime lord currently behind the bars .Ovi Mahajan is a caught in the wrong place at the wrong time ,destined to be used as a pawn in a war between his father and another crime lord in Amir Asif .That is,unless Tyler Rake (Hemsworth ) can save the day .Given the assignment by his handler Nik Khan ,the job initially seems clear cut .Then almost immediately the things been going wrong .Tyler acquires Ovi ,but getting him out of Bangladesh city of Dhaka will prove to be nearly impossible ,with the corrupt military ,Ovi’s father right hand man sanju and a rival gangster minions all hot on his tail .Alex Belcher and Henry Jackman composed the score ,the while the cinematography is by Newton Thomas Signel.

Chris Hemsworth is effective here,thought his characters is largely a blank slate .There are hints dropped about his past ,but Tyler rake is not what you would call a three dimensional creation .Hemsworth leans into his brutality ,dialing back any charm ,though his own screen presence is still undeniable .The script from Joe Risso just isn’t really interested in fleshing him out .It’s far more concerned with setting up one violent scenario after the next .This particularly becomes an issue when the second act gets into gear it’s not immediately clear why every single person in Bangladesh seems st on killing our heroes ,nor why Hemsworth doesn’t think twice before killing members of the military .Its just becomes an orgy of violence .

Extraction does have some impressive action sequence ,but it means spirit and overly violent nature drown most of that out. Director Sam Hargrave stages a really well done extented scene that’s meant to simulate a single take but oftentimes here,repetition dilutes the creativity factor .For a bit that may be enough ,but by the end ,you might just be exhausted ,wishing that some actual character development had been done .

Extraction is rightly available in NETFLIX .The streaming giant will undoubtedly see good viewership numbers for high profile title ,but can’t help but wish there was a little more to it.

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