Coronavirus may never go and became endemic: WHO

Coronavirus may never go and became endemic: WHO

Coronavirus may never go away and the population around the world. We, Will, have to learn to live with it, the world health organization warned Wednesday. Coronavirus may never go and became endemic: WHO There is no cloth as to when the novel corner virus will disappear. HIV has gone away but we found ways for those who have HIV live long and have the lies for a longer period of time we have to be realistic. we don’t know when the disease will disappear if we can find a highly effective machine which we can distribute to everyone in the world who need it we could have a shot at illuminating it Ryan said.

The virus first in Wuhan in China last year and has changed infected more than 4.2 billion people and killed nearly three lakh worldwide. we have a new virus and telling the human population. for the first time and therefore it is very hard to protect when we will prevail over it said Michael Ryan, the WHO’s emergency director.

The virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities and this is why does my never go away he told a virtual press conference in Geneva.

More than half of humanity has been put under some form of lockdown Says. The coronavirus crisis begins but the coronavirus may never go and became endemic WHO warned there was no way to guarantee that is in the restrictions would not trigger is the second wave of infection many countries would like to get out of the different measures at WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

But every commendation is still the alert in any country should be at the highest level possible.

Long way to go

Ryan added that there was a long long way to go on the path to returning to normal instead that countries would have to stay the course there is some magical thinking going on that lockdown work perfectly and that unlocking lockdown will go grid both are not with dangers the Irish epidemiologist said.

Ryan also condemned the attack on healthcare workers that were linked to the pandemic more than35 quite serious such incident was recorded in April alone in 11 countries he said the attacks of overreaction from ill-informed communities while others were more sinister. COVID-19 is bringing out the best in the US but it also brings out some of the worst he said.

People feel empowered to take out their frustration on individual who is really trying to help these are a senseless act of violence and discrimination that must be registered but he insisted that in finding a way to conclude the virus was a chance for humanity to measure step forward by finding a vaccine and making it widely acceptable it is a massive opportunity for the word Ryan said.

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