Delhi government cancels all state university exams due to Covid19.

Delhi government cancels all state university exams due to Covid19.

Delhi government cancels all the state university exams due to the Covid19 pandemic. Manish Sisodia, Delhi’s Deputy CM announces that all the Delhi state university exams including final year exams stand cancelled. The decision comes amid the rising coronavirus cases in the national capital.

All the educational institutions in India have been shut since March after the nationwide lockdown was imposed. The education sector is bearing the brunt of Covid19 pandemic as institutions remain closed. The students are at loss as there are no proper classroom lessons. 

Delhi is one of the worst hit states of the country with Covid19. Many states and universities had announced the cancellation of exams for first year and second year students. Though exams for the end term of final year students are postponed and it will be conducted as per the UGC guidelines. Going against the UGC guidelines, Delhi government cancels all the exams including the final year exams.

“In light of the major disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, Delhi government has decided to cancel all Delhi state university exams including final exams,” tweets Manish Sisodia. Students are welcoming the decision of the Delhi government. 

Parameters for evaluation.

There is a row over UGC’s decision of taking exams of the final year students. A couple of days back UGC made an announcement stating that all the universities must take exams for the final year students. According to a UGC official, they can not provide a degree to any final year student on the basis of past performances. 

Many students are voicing their concerns on Twitter. #StudentsLivesMatter is trending on Twitter for the last couple of days. Students are rebuking UGC’s decision and demanding to cancel the exams for final year students. The exams for final year students was to be conducted by the end of September as per the UGC’s guidelines. But UGC’s decision received a lot of backlash from the students.

Manish Sisodia while making the announcement also states about the parameters for evaluation of final year students. He states that universities themselves will decide the parameters to evaluate the final year students. 

“Delhi government has decided to cancel all Delhi state university exams including final exams in view of COVID-19. The degree will be awarded based on evaluation parameters decided by the universities,” tweets Manish Sisodia.

What about Central Universities?

The cancellation of all the state university exams comes two days after the Delhi University postponed the final year exams of UG and PG students to August 15. After the announcement of cancellation of exams for the state universities questions are rising about the central universities.

Answering to the questions, Manish Sisodia says that it is upto the Central government to take the decision. “We have asked the central government to take the current circumstances into consideration. However, it is up to them to cancel exams in Delhi University, JNU and other central universities,” says Sisodia.

Manish Sisodia also says that there is no point in taking exams for a semester where no studies took place. “Throughout this whole semester there were minimal studies. All laboratories and other such facilities are closed. We believe that it is difficult to conduct exams when regular classes have not been held. Delhi Government has decided to cancel all final-year and semester examinations for all semesters in state-run universities.”

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