Dwayne Bravo on song on Ms Dhoni :At the end of his carer ,want to do something special

Dwayne Bravo on song on Ms Dhoni :At the end of his carer ,want to do something special

Dwayne Bravo reveled he is composing a song for his Chennai Super Kings teammate MS Dhoni ,titled “No 7”,saying it’s his tribute to the India captain who is in the twilight of his carer.


*Dwayne Bravo opened up about his new song on MS Dhoni .

*Bravo said he wanted to pay a special tribute to his CSK teammate Dhoni

*Bravo had shared a glimpse of the song with fans earlier this month .

WEST INDIES all rounder Dwayne Bravo said he wanted to do “something special ” for MS Dhoni who is the twilight for his international carer and that he decided to compose a song as a tribute to the world Cup-winning India Star .

Dwayne Bravo took to special media earlier this month to give his fans a glimpse of his songs ,titled” NO 7.MS Dhoni ,MS Dhoni No 7,All of Ranchi ,shouting Dhoni .All india shouting Mahi .All of Chennai ,shouting Thala .Ms Dhoni is a world beater ,” Bravo had recited in a video shared by CSK.

Shedding more light on the song,Dwayne Bravo said he is yet to complete the composition but said he cam up with the idea to pay tribute to his CSK teammate ,Ms Dhoni. Bravo said MS Dhoni has had a massive impact on his cricket carer and pointed out how he helped shape the carers of star cricketers ,including Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli .

“The mahi song i have not completed the entire track yet .I still want to work on the music and some other lyrics i want to put in there .I was thinking …..there is not anyone who has done a song a tribute to one particular athlete .I was coming up with Ideas ,”Dwayne Bravo said in a show .

“I want to do something for him .He is coming to the end of his carer .He had a great carer .He had a great impact on my personal carer and also so many others cricketers .”

“you listen to interviews from others cricketers like Rohit Sharma ,Hardik Pandya and even Virat ,they all praise him where their carers are concerned .He gave so many cricketers opportunity .He also won titles for the country .

“I wanted to do something special for him.I named the song No 7 .It’s his number .Its a special number for him .”Dwayne Bravo ,who joined Chennai Super Kings in 2011 ,said Ms Dhoni trust in him helped him evolves as a player at a crucial juncture of his carer Bravo has been an integral part of CSK over the years as he has made a massive impact to the India premier league IPL franchise with his contributions with both the bat and the ball.

“I’ve asked myself many times ,why someone like MS has so much faith in me .My own board and selectors don’t have the same faith .But Mahi respects my talents and the way I play the game .That means a lot to me because this is arguable the greatest captain in the world and he has so much faith “said bravo .

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