Government a U-turn sale of non -essential items through e-commerce platforms

Government a U-turn sale of non -essential items through e-commerce platforms

Government a U-turn sale of non -essential items through e-commerce platforms

NEW DELHI: The government on Sunday prohibited e-commerce platforms from selling non-essential items during the lockdown , four days after allowing the companies to sell mobile phones,refrigerators, and ready-made garments.

Union Home secretory Ajay Bhalla issued an order excluding the non essential items from the cart of e- commerce companies the order says the following clause –”E-commerce companies .Vehicle used by e-commerce will be allowed to play with necessary permission ”is excluded from the guidelines .

The April 15 order had said e-commerce platforms were allowed to sell items from April 20. The reason for reversing the order is not known immediately .But there was a talk of some retails traders mounting pressure on the government that the local shops be also allowed to sell no-essential items ,like e- commerce giant .E-commerce platforms are allowed to sell essential commodities such as food ,pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Previous it was allowed to supply non -essential items. But a day later, Home Minister officials said electronic items like mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, laptops, garments, stationery items for school children would be available on the E-commerce platforms. The government also allowed movements of all the trucks and other goods vehicles with two drivers and one helper, subject to the driver carrying a valid driving license. The lockdown is first extended by Narendra Modi pm 24 march for 21 days in a bit combat the coronavirus pandemic and later extended till May 3. Necessary activities will be allowed to be opened up from 20 in identified areas of the country.

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