ICMR: India still not in the community transmission stage.

ICMR: India still not in the community transmission stage.

As the Covid19 infection is spreading at a faster rate in India, there are speculations swirling around about community transmission. To clear the air about how India is handling the Covid19 battle, the Government of India held a press conference. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) says during the press conference that India is still not in the community transmission stage.

“There is a heightened debate around this term – community transmission. Having said that, I think even the WHO has not given a definition for it. As we have shown that India is such a large country and the prevalence is so low,” says ICMR.

According to Director General of ICMR, Balram Bhargava many of the Covid19 patients have evidence of past exposure to the infection. He says 0.73 percent of the population in 83 districts where they conducted sero-survey have shown evidence of past exposure. 

Balram Bhargava states that India is not in a community transmission stage during the press conference. He urges on continuing with the strategy of tracing, tracking, testing and quarantine measures to battle the coronavirus pandemic. Bhargava cautions the country saying that ‘we shouldn’t let our guard down’.

Containment Measures Are Successful.

Talking about the containment measures, ICMR DG says that they are found successful until now. These measures have helped to keep the Covid19 infection spread in check. According to the sero-survey, a large part of the population is still susceptible to Covid19. Therefore, following the containment measures are must.

Providing evidence to support their claims, ICMR says that India’s mortality rate is the lowest in the world. At present, India’s mortality per lakh population is 0.59. Also India’s Covid19 cases per lakh population is the lowest in the world. Global average of Covid19 cases is 91.67 and as for India it is 20.77.

“Lockdown and containment (measures) have been successful in keeping it low and preventing rapid spread,” says Balram Bhargava.

Urban Areas At High Risk.

As per ICMR’s sero-survey, the urban areas (1.09) and urban slums (1.89) are at higher risk than rural areas. Balram Bhargava says that urban slums are more vulnerable for the spread of Covid19 infection. He says that lockdown protocols needs to continue as per the government guidelines. 

“Efforts to limit the scale and spread of the disease will have to be continued by strong implementation of containment strategies by states. The states cannot lower their guard. They need to keep on implementing effective surveillance and containment strategies,” says Bhargava.

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