India records highest spike in Covid19 cases and deaths.

India records highest spike in Covid19 cases and deaths.

India records highest spike in Covid19 cases and deaths in the last 24 hours. This is the highest single-day surge in Covid19 cases till date in India. Positive cases continue to rise at an alarming rate increasing the fear among the citizens. In the biggest single-day spike, India records 45,720 positive cases in the last 24 hours.

With 45,720 new cases India’s Covid19 tally breaches the 12 lakh mark. India’s current Covid19 tally now stands at 12,38,635. Despite strict measures of the Central and state government, Covid19 tally is rising relentlessly in India. Several cities and districts are opting for complete lockdown for a week once again.

As the positive cases continue to rise so is the recovery of patients in India. As of Thursday morning, the total number of recovered patients counts to 7,82,607in India. The total number of active cases in India stands at 4,26,167. According to the Health Ministry, India’s recovery rate has improved to 63.13 percent.

Fatality count.

As per the health ministry’s bulletin, fatality count in India also recorded the highest single-day spike in the last 24 hours. The country records 1,129 Covid19 deaths as of Thursday morning. With this spike, India’s fatality count now stands at 29,861. However, according to the health ministry, the country’s fatality rate has dropped to 2,41 percent.

Maharashtra remains the worst hit state in India in terms of fatality count as well. In Maharashtra, 12,556 Covid19 patients have succumbed to the novel virus. Delhi stands at second position with 3,719 Covid19 deaths, Tamil Nadu follows next with 3,144 Covid19 deaths. 

States Tally.

Maharashtra continues to have the most number of Covid19 patients in the country. In the last 24 hours, 10,576 cases have come from Maharashtra. This takes Maharashtra’s Covid19 tally to 3,37,607. Tamil Nadu follows next with 1,86,492 cases and next comes Delhi with 1,26,323 cases.

However, the national capital is showing signs of recovery faster than earlier. During the last week of June, Covid19 cases in Delhi started increasing rapidly but now it has started to slow down. The recovery rate of national capital now stands at 84 percent which once fell to 36 percent. Delhi’s current recovery rate is much higher than the national recovery rate.

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