India strikes digitally again, bans 47 more Chinese apps.

India strikes digitally again, bans 47 more Chinese apps.

India strikes digitally once again, bans 47 more Chinese apps on Monday. This move by the Central government comes just a few weeks later after banning 59 Chinese apps in June. In the second digital strike on China, the government bans 47 more apps for operating as a clone of earlier banned apps. The government will soon announce the list of freshly banned apps.

“A ban on 47 apps was ordered late last week on grounds of national security and privacy concerns”. According to reports, the fresh of 47 apps have names, functionalities and operational ethics similar to the previously banned 59 apps. All such apps are now under government scanner.

“The problem is with the operational ethics of certain apps. This is an ongoing process. If apps qualify under the same grounds of operational ethics, then they will also come under the scanner,” says a source. These 47 clone apps include TikTok Lite, Helo Lite, BIGO LIVE Lite, etc.

PUBG Under Radar.

According to reports, the government has made a list of 275 Chinese apps to examine for any privacy or national security violations. Some of the top Chinese gaming apps like PUBG Mobile would be a part of that list. However, the government is yet to announce the exact list of these apps. 

After announcing the ban on another 47 apps, the government directs all the telcos to block access to all these apps and their websites. The government has also directed Apple and Google to remove the apps from their app stores in the country. 

Some other apps which are also under government’s radar are Tencent, Zilli by Xiaomi, AliExpress and Resso. “Tencent-backed PubG, Alibaba-owned AliExpress, phone maker Xiaomi. Also music streaming app Reso, owned by ByteDance among others are a part of the list of apps that could be banned by the government”. 

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