International Yoga Day 2020: PM Modi says Yoga is the key factor to fight Covid19.

International Yoga Day 2020: PM Modi says Yoga is the key factor to fight Covid19.

On the occasion of 6th International Yoga Day 2020, PM Modi says Yoga is the key factor to fight Covid19 during his addressal to the nation. PM Modi says that yoga helps in boosting one’s immunity. Pranayam, a breathing exercise helps in building a strong and healthy respiratory system. Coronavirus attacks our respiratory system and to fight it back we need to make our respiratory system strong.

“World is realising the need for Yoga, even more, today due to the coronavirus pandemic. If our immunity is strong then it helps in fighting against the disease. There are Yoga practices that boost our immunity and improve metabolism,” says PM Modi.

Today the world is celebrating the 6th year of International Yoga Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed International Yoga Day at UNGC during his speech in September 2014.

Yoga – A quest for health.

Yoga helps an individual find inner peace. It is the answer to the quest of people and the planet for health. Even PM Modi agrees to this and says that yoga enhances the quest for a healthier planet and body.

PM Modi in his addressal also says that Yoga does not discriminate between people on grounds of race, colour or gender. “Yoga enhances our quest for a healthier planet. It has emerged as a force for unity and deepens the bonds of humanity. It does not discriminate, it goes beyond race, colour, gender, faith and descent.”

There are various yoga ‘asanas’ which boosts our immunity and helps in fighting the disease. Yoga can help keep our body fit and mind serene. As the world is battling with Covid19, people are understanding the need for yoga now more than ever.

“If we can fine-tune our chords of health and hope, the day is not far away when the world will witness the success of a healthy and happy humanity. Yoga can definitely help us make this happen,” says PM Modi.

International Yoga Day 2020 Theme.

Every year there is a theme to celebrate and spread awareness about the importance of yoga. This year’s theme is “Yoga At Home” and “Yoga With Family”. The world is celebrating virtual yoga day this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The ongoing pandemic has confined people inside their houses. Like every year there will be no big events for International Yoga Day as huge gatherings are not allowed. But this prohibition can not put a stop on yoga lovers and enthusiasts.

“The theme of International Day of Yoga this year is ‘Yoga at home, Yoga with family’. Today, we will stay away from all social gatherings and do yoga with our family. When family members come together in practising yoga, it spreads energy in the entire house,” says PM Modi.

Importance of Karma Yoga.

PM Modi also talks about Karma Yoga in his addressal. Performing our duties with efficiency and discipline is also a form of yoga. Yoga not only helps in enhancing physical strength but also provides mental peace and emotional stability. PM Modi spoke about a few shlokas from ‘gita’ to explain what yoga means.

Prime Minister Modi quotes Lord Krishna explaining the meaning of Yoga. “In the Gita, Lord Krishna while explaining yoga has said: ‘Yoga: Karmasu Kaushalam’ which means that the efficiency in action is yoga. This mantra always teaches that if we practice yoga, we can make ourselves better in our lives.”

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