Mother’s Day: An Unconditional Bond.

Mother’s Day: An Unconditional Bond.

Mother’s Day: An Unconditional Bond.

There is only one known relationship on this earth which is the purest of all the other relationships. The most selfless bond which expects nothing and gives away everything. Feeling confused? Don’t think too hard, the relationship I am talking about is of a mother and her child. This bond between a mother and her scores above all the other relations known.

A mother’s dedication, countless love, devotion and sacrifices is incomparable to any materialistic object. Mothers are the epitome of unconditional love and sacrifices. It is difficult to define this extraordinary relationship with ordinary words and sentences. If you want to experience true and pure love, you don’t have to look too far for it. No other love is as true and pure as of a mother’s love.

When is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

In this male dominant world we often forget about the sacrifices our mothers do for us and our families. To acknowledge their love and efforts, Mother’s Day is celebrated in 46 countries across the globe. Mothers have been underrated in our society for a very long time, and we need to break this cruel cycle.

The Mother’s Day Celebration first started in the USA in 1908. A peace activist, Anna Jarvis started to gather support to celebrate mother’s day after her mother died in 1905. Anna Jarvis wanted to honour all mothers of the world who have done so much for their families and society.

By 1911, due to Anna Jarvis’s continuous efforts most the US states started celebrating Mother’s Day as a local holiday. Finally, the Second Sunday of May was officially designated as Mother’s Day and was declared as a national holiday in the US. 

Mother – Synonym of Love & Sacrifice.

There are several ways that one uses to address his/her mother. ‘Mother’, ‘Maa’, ‘Mummy’, ‘Mom’, ‘Amm’i, ‘Aai’ and many more. The word ‘Mother’ is not just a word but an emotion that fills everyone with compassion. A mother loves her child like no one does, she understands her child like no one can understand and can sacrifice everything for her child which no one will ever do.

I am nobody to explain how great our mothers and their love for us are. It’s just an attempt on my behalf to express how grateful and blessed I am to have a life on this earth where mothers exist. The mere existence of mothers in our life is a blessing itself. We all have heard the saying that – God can not be with us all the time that’s why he created mothers to look after us and love us. In my opinion there is no truth better than this.

We as humans have the tendency to not value things and people while we have them in our lives. But once we lose them, we realise their worth and until then it’s too late to undo our mistakes. Why am I talking about this? Well, the answer is very clear, we often take our mothers for granted and do not realise their worth. Ask those who don’t have a mother’s warmth in their lives, how empty their lives are.

Everyday is Mother’s Day.

Though we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May every year, it’s not enough to honour our mothers for a single day. All of us are forever indebted to our mothers for their love, support and sacrifices. A single day can never be enough to honour our mothers, in fact our whole lives will also be not enough to pay back the debt.

A mother nurtures her child selflessly and unconditionally to make him/her a better person in life. She sacrifices all her needs and dreams if necessary for her child and family. Mothers are infamous for their forgiving nature, she forgives all our wrongdoings and guides us to the right path.

A mother never complains about her problems and fulfill her duties effortlessly throughout their lives. She never asks for anything in return of her selfless love and sacrifice. All she needs is our love and respect. It’s our duty to make our mothers feel loved and special not just for a day but for her entire life.

A mother is a true gem we must cherish forever. No one can ever replace her love in our hearts. Let’s love her, respect her and celebrate her existence in each and every moment of our lives. She doesn’t require expensive gifts, all she needs is our attention, love and respect. This Mother’s Day, let’s gift our mothers our time and make her feel special.

Happy Mother’s Day To All The Mothers Around The Globe!!

Nidhi Shree

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