New York has seen 100 children with an illness linked to COVID-19: governor

New York has seen 100 children with an illness linked to COVID-19: governor

Amber Dean had recovered from a mild bout of coronavirus 10 and her family of five had just and their home quarter in when her oldest son 9-year-old Bobby fell ill.

“At first it was nothing major, IT seemed like it tummy bug like he ate something. That didn’t agree with him,” said Dean. who lives with her husband and three young children in the Western New York town of Hornell. but by the next day he could not keep anything down and his belly hurt so bad he could not sit up. At the local hospital emergency room, the doctor suspected. And appendix infection and send him home with instructions to see his pediatrician.

It was only later after Bobby’s condition took an alarming term. For the word, that doctor realizes he amounts to a small. But a growing number of children with mysterious inflammatory syndrome thought to be related to the virus.

Kawasaki Disease:

New York governor Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that New York is now investigating about a hundred cases of the syndrome which affect blood vessels and organs and their symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock. Three children in the state have died in the Cuomo advised all hospital to prioritize COVID-19 testing for children presenting with symptoms.

In New York City, which had reported at least 52 children six with the syndrome Maya bill de Blasio on Tuesday urged parents to call their pediatrician chromatic if their children so show symptoms including persistent fever rash abdominal pain and vomiting.

Boby case

That’s what boby dene family did, even though they live in Steuben country which has only 239 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and his in a part of the state set to start reopening some workplaces on Friday.

The family doctor performed a coronavirus test. The day after his trip to the emergency room, but the result would take 24 hours. By the night, the boys fever had spiked his abdomen was Island. He was severally dehydrated and his heart was racing. His father, Michael din draw Hame to goli Sino children hospital in Rochester, 90 minutes away.

At Rochester did a rapid COVID test and it came back positive Amber Dean said for the next 6 days she was at his hospital besides while boby was hooked up to IV lines and a heart monitor. He came home on mother’s Day.

“It never affected his respiratory system, it was his heart that it affected” Dean said. Inflamed lymph nodes caused the abdominal pain she said they are hoping he pulls through the with 100% recovery but they said there you have been children with lasting effects.

Children’s elsewhere in the US and in Europe have also been hospitalized. Their condition is known as a pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

Dr. Juan Salazar the physician in chief at Connecticut children medical center said to the patient there was believed to have the air condition which he said of an appears to present itself 224 hour week after a child has recovered from COVID-19 often without ever being diagnosed. With the infection Yale health has said it’s treating three children believed to have the syndrome.

“It is a pretty scary thing watching your child be hooked up to all these wires and IVs. And there is nothing you can do” Dean said. In my opinion right now I would not letter the child out in public.

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