PGI success in Corona vaccine’s ‘safety’ trial

PGI success in Corona vaccine’s ‘safety’ trial

PGI success in Corona vaccine’s ‘safety’ trial

CHANDIGARH: PGI in safety trial started for the drug of coronavirus.Has got success. In the treatment of Leprosy, the medicine M.W has seen effects on patients who need oxygen during treatment. All four patients were given MW 0.3ml of the vaccine . The drugs were injected continuously for 3 days and it was safe to use the vaccine on patients.

According to PGI doctors ,this drug was also used on leprosy ,tuberculosis and pneumonia patients and found found to be safe in them too .Now the drug has also been found safe on patients with corona .PGI apart from Chandigarh ,this drug is also being trialled in ALL India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Delhi and Bhopal on corona patients .PGI Director of Prof. Jagtram says that the team of doctors has started working for the trial of the corona drug and the results of better use of the drug on 4 patients have been revealed ,soon the force will be started on more patients .

Four corona patients became healthy :

Studied by PGI Department of Palmonary ,Prof. Ritesh Aggarwal says that 4 such patients were selected for safety trials ,which were kept on oxygen .When the virus invades the pheasants ,their body’s defense cells became active and exert their full strength to fight the virus .In such a situation ,some patients are adversely affected .The bad effects of defense cells also start coming on the body .To control such condition ,the patients is given immunomodulatory drugs which can control the immunity .

The disease resistance of the patient’s body is only to fight against the virus and protect his body ,that’s why the patients are given MW.After the injection of the vaccine ,the patients got cured after the injection and succeeded in the safety trial of the drug .Further trials will look at how much oxygen the patients will receive during treatment ,For how many days a ventilator is required ? One patient will be given medication while the other patients will be seen the effect of treatment in others ways without patients will be seen the effect of treatment in other ways without meditation .

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