PM Modi addresses nation on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, praises corona warriors.

PM Modi addresses nation on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, praises corona warriors.

PM Modi addresses nation on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, praises corona warriors.

On the auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima, PM Modi addresses the nation through a virtual session. Buddha Purnima celebrations are ongoing virtually in the wake of Covid19 pandemic. 

The motive of the Buddha Purnima event is to honor the corona warriors and the victims. The Ministry of Culture in collaboration with IBC (International Buddhist Confederation) has organised this virtual event. All the supreme Buddhist Sanghas from across the world are part of the event.

While addressing the virtual event PM Modi praises those working selflessly during the pandemic. He says all the frontline workers are praiseworthy. “People all over the world working selflessly for others in these difficult times are worthy of praise.”

PM applauds IBC.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that in these times of difficulty, each nation has to come together and fight this pandemic. He applauds the efforts of the International Buddhist Confederation for holding prayer week for the corona warriors and victims.

“I applaud your efforts. I believe that such collaboration will help humanity and we will be successful in our fight against the global Coronavirus pandemic.”

Buddha’s Relevance.

PM Modi talks about Buddha’s relevance in today’s time. He talks about how Buddha’s teachings continue to inspire everyone around the world. Buddha is not limited to one instance, or one place, says Modi. He says that Buddha is an example that strong will-power can bring a change in society.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi adds that all the frontline workers are working day and night to help and cure people. They are playing a crucial role in this fight against coronavirus without thinking about their problems. These workers are in line with the teachings of Buddha.

PM hails India’s efforts.

Prime Minister Modi hails India’s efforts in fighting Covid19 pandemic and standing firmly in selflessness. “India is standing firmly in selflessness, without any distinction, with the person in distress, both in the country and throughout the world.”

In this grim situation India is not only working for its citizens but also helping other nations. Many world leaders have praised India and PM Modi’s efforts for helping them. 

“Beyond the profit and loss, able and unable, for us this hour of crisis is to help others, as much as possible to forward the hand of help,” says Modi.

“This is the reason why many countries of the world are remembering India in this difficult time. India has left no stone upturned to reach every needy.” We are following our global responsibilities equally.

“Today, India is making every effort to save the life of every Indian, and is following its global obligations equally seriously,” adds PM Modi.

PM’s Message.

PM on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, reminds everyone that all those who are working on the frontline are the true followers of Buddha. He says that he is confident that we will be able to get out of this difficult challenge and reduce everyone’s troubles.

“Friends, the message and resolve to remove the difficulty of every life have always shown direction to India’s civilization, culture. Lord Buddha has further enriched this culture of India,” says PM Modi.

The Prime Minister asks everyone to stay strong and not to lose hope in humanity. He also asks everyone to take care of themselves, their family and whichever country they live in. Help each other as much as possible and protect each other.

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