PM Modi interacts with village Sarpanchs via video conference.

PM Modi interacts with village Sarpanchs via video conference.

PM Modi interacts with village Sarpanchs via video conference.

As the entire nation is joining hands in the fight against Covid19, prime minister Modi is making sure to encourage the fighters from time to time. Today, on the National Panchayati Raj Day, PM Modi interacts with the village Sarpanchs via video conference. He addresses various gram panchayats across the country and appreciates them for their contribution.

All the Sarpanchs are sharing their views with PM Modi through interaction at a Common Service Centre close to them. PM Modi praises the villages for handling this pandemic more efficiently than the urban centres.

“There is much to learn from all of you. Your ideas to fight the coronavirus and the measures you are following is appreciable. It is something which we don’t even see in the urban centres of India, where people have better education,” says PM Modi.

“Villages are showing that our traditions, culture and learnings are from the ground up and not the other way around. Villages are handling the crisis better than cities. They are handling social distancing better and with more discipline. There is much to learn from you all,” praises Modi.

Lessons of Corona.

While addressing the gram panchayats, PM Modi talks about the lessons that corona is teaching the world. According to PM Modi, corona is sending so many challenges in our way, it’s making us think about how we act in a situation like these. 

Coronavirus has made it clear that we can only depend on ourselves for our survival. “Be self-sufficient and not depend on others for anything we need in our daily lives,” asks PM Modi to people from both villages and cities.

“The biggest lesson COVID-19 has taught us is to become self-reliant. It gives us direction to the way we move forward and the way we love.”

Launch of E-Gram App.

On the occasion of Panchayati Raj Day, PM Modi launches E-Gram Swaraj portal. He also launches the Swamvita Scheme on this important occasion. The Prime Minister explains that the E-gram Swaraj portal is a step towards complete digitisation of gram panchayats. 

E-Gram Swaraj portal will keep all the records of works of gram panchayats. It will be a single platform to access all the records of development works as well as funds of gram panchayats.

“All the details of the development works, the fund allocated for them, all this data will be available on the portal. And through this platform the villagers will be able to access all the data on their mobile phones which will enhance transparency,” says PM Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also launches the ‘Swamvita Scheme‘ for the demarcation of lands in rural areas. Under this scheme, the disputes of land property in villages will be resolved through digital mapping of rural areas using drones. 

The drones will demarcate boundaries and the government will provide title deeds to property owners. This will pave the way for those who want to get a loan from banks. 

India is doing better.

“The whole world is talking about how India is bravely fighting the battle with the virus. We may be facing new difficulties, but we are still moving ahead constantly. Innovating to make the situation better for everyone,” says PM Modi.

PM Modi praises the panchayats and their contribution to the fight against coronavirus. “Our panchayats have to become strong. A strong panchayat will ensure a stronger democracy.”

“Rural India is actually showing the rest of the country how to retain enthusiasm amid a crisis situation. They are doing a great job in combating the pandemic even though they didn’t receive high class education.”

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