PM Modi : Rs 20 lakh crore package for Indian Economy

PM Modi : Rs 20 lakh crore package for Indian Economy

PM Modi : Rs 20 lakh crore package for Indian Economy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi rupees 20 lakh crore package for the revival of the Indian Economy during the COVID-19 break. While the nation expected the prime minister to announce in norms of the fourth phase of lockdown. He asked the country to work for an economic revival so ambitious that it puts India on the world map.

PM Modi said that it was time for India to strike for just survival but domination through self-reliance.

The prime minister hopes that the economic package, which amounts to 10% of India’s GDP. Will help India strengthen all aspects of the demand and supply and blaster. India’s ability to produce good quality products can be known globally.

Here are the key takeaways from the PM Modi speech:

Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan package:

PM Modi said that rupees 20 lakh crore financially Indian Economy package. Was focused on India’s self-reliance announces a special Indian Economy package today. This will play an important role in the Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan the announcement made by the government over the COVID-19. Decisions of RBI in 2 days package total to rupees 20 lakh crore this is 10% of India’s GDP. PM Narendra Modi said in his address to the nation.


Calling for self-reliance, the prime minister said that India has the potential to now just win the COVID-19 battle. But also image as a global leader after this. When the word is in crisis we must clutch which is bigger than a crisis itself. We must strive to make the 21st century India century. And the path to do that is self-reliance Pm, Narendra Modi.

Given an example of India can achieve self-reliance. The prime minister said that when the COVID-19 break started India did not manufacture PPT kits. But today India has the capacity to manufacture 200000 rupee kits and 2 lacs and 95 marks. India has converted crisis into opportunities this attitude will help us to achieve self-reliance the PM said.

Five pillars of self-reliant India:

Recalling the Devastation in Kutch after the earthquake. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that through determination and resolve the area was back on its feet is similar. Determination is needed to make the country self-reliant the PM said.

He said that is self-reliant India will stand on five pillars which are economy which brings in quantum jump. And, not incremental change infrastructure which should become the identity of India system based on 21st-century technology driver arrangement vibrant democracy which is our source of energy for a self-reliant India and demand whereby the strength of a word mind and supply chain should be utilized to full capacity underline the importance of strengthening all stakeholders in the supply chain to increase as well as fulfill the demand.

Living with COVID-19:

PM Modi said noted that several experts and scientist has said that the virus is going to be a part of our lips for a long time but it is also important to ensure that our life does not revolve only around it. He exhorted people to work together with their target while taking precautions like wearing marks and maintaining “do goz doori” during he said.

Lockdown 4.0 to be different: even as the nation expected the PM Modi to give details of the next town in his speech he just revealed that it will be difficult than the previous faces based on the suggestion by States information related to logged on four will be given to you before 18th my we will fight and we will move forward he said.


Prime Minister Modi had earlier made a similar addressed to the nation to announce the lockdown. and the first extension after the initial 21 day period. however, he skipped addressing the nation to announce the third phase of the lock town till May 17. The announcement came from the ministry of home affairs.

The prime minister on Monday held a crucial video conference meeting with the chief minister of a state. that went for 6 hours and discussed the coronavirus association in the states. The chief minister also scopes ongoing lockdown while discussing the lockdown. PM Modi as the chief ministers to share by my 15 broad strategies. on how they want to deal with the lockdown regime in their states.

PM Modi called for a balanced strategy in the meeting with the chief minister. To both revive the dwindling economy, as well as keep the fight against coronavirus on. In a similar address to the nation on March 24, PM Modi had announced the lockdown that started on March 25. As of my 12, five days are left for the third phase of the block down 2 ends. Meanwhile, coronavirus cases in India have crossed the 70000 marks while – toll has almost touched 2300.

Resumes of services

The third phase of the lockdown has been a considerable easing of lockdown relaxation with liquor shops. being opened across the three kinds of coronavirus zones. Indian railway has also started resuming train services from Tuesday. With the first a train starting to run across the different routes. Flight movements, however, continue to remain suspended.

In the chief ministers meeting the PM Modi, states like Delhi supported the centers call. For reviving economic activity while some others like West Bengal and Tamilnadu objected to train movement. And plans to resume flight services as well.

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