PM Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ : Key highlights.

PM Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ : Key highlights.

PM Modi addressed the nation today through his radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’. He begins his addressal with highlighting the challenges we are facing in the year 2020. Half of the year 2020 has passed but the challenges seem to be increasing more and more. 

Not only Covid19 but India is facing other problems too such as cyclones, floods, earthquakes, border-standoff and locust attacks. “One rarely has heard or seen as many disasters of such magnitude taking place at the same time,” says PM Modi.

Many people are considering 2020 to be a cursed year, while some want this year to be gone soon. PM Modi urges people to not lose their hopes and not to give up on the challenges. He asks people, is it correct to consider that the whole year will be the same as the first six months?

“Problems and crises do come in our lives but should we label the year 2020 as a bad year because of these challenges? Is it correct to believe that the whole year will be the first six months? Not at all. My dear countrymen, absolutely not,” says PM Modi.

Let’s have a look at the key highlights from PM Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

India-China Standoff.

Though PM Modi didn’t talk much about the border-standoff with China, he definitely has left a strict warning for those eyeing our motherland. Talking about the Galwan Valley clash between India and China, PM Modi says that India keeps the capacity to look in the eye and retaliate. 

“In Ladakh, a befitting reply has been given to those coveting our territories. India knows how to maintain friendships but it can also look someone in the eye and retaliate and give an apt reply,” says PM Modi.

PM says that India has given a befitting response to those coveting our territory in Ladakh. Talking about the 20 soldiers martyred in the Galwan clash, PM Modi says that their valour will always be remembered. 

“Our brave soldiers have shown that they will not let any harm be done to Mother India’s pride. India bows to our brave martyrs. They have always kept India safe. Their valour will always be remembered.”

Remembering the valour of our brave soldiers, PM Modi says that every Indian should have the same resolve just as our soldiers. Everyone should make an effort to make the country stronger, self-reliant and more capable. This will be the true tribute to our martyrs.

Vocal for Local.

During his addressal on Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi urges people to buy ‘Made in India’ products. He says that currently we have to focus deeply on two fronts, first to defeat the novel coronavirus and second to strengthen the economy of the country. 

PM Modi appeals to people to buy local products and become ‘vocal for local’. By doing this people will play a significant role in strengthening the Indian economy. This will be a type of national service.

“If you buy local and become vocal for local, then you are playing your role to make the country strong. This is also a type of service to the nation. Be it any profession, there is scope for service to the nation,” PM Modi encourages for local products.

Unlocking India.

PM Modi on his 66th addressal of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ says that we need to be more careful now since we are in the unlocking phase. He says that we have to be more cautious in the unlock phase than in the lockdown phase. PM Modi once again stresses on the importance of wearing masks and following social distancing norms.

“Always remember that if you do not wear a mask, do not follow the two-yard rule, or do not take other necessary precautions, you are putting yourself as well as others at risk particularly the children and elders of the house. Therefore, I request all the countrymen and I make this request again and again that you do not be negligent. Take care of yourself, and others too,” says PM Modi.

India’s Strength and Courage.

Encouraging the nation to not give up and lose hope due to ongoing crises, PM Modi says that India’s history shows that we have always overcome challenges. There could be a number of challenges but we will emerge out stronger than ever.

“There could be any number of challenges but our history shows that we have always overcome them. We have emerged stronger after challenges. Guided by our strong cultural ethos, India has turned challenges into successes. We will do so again this time as well,” encourages PM Modi.

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