LG Polymers gets ‘Styrene inhibitor’ to increase safety after Vizag gas leak

LG Polymers gets ‘Styrene inhibitor’ to increase safety after Vizag gas leak

Dorf Ketal Chemicals dispatched it’s Patented Actify series of Green Retarder and Styrene Polymer Inhibitor to LG Polymers Vizag, where there was a serious gas leak reported on Thursday morning. The Dorf Ketal product will be added into the tanks of the styrene stored at LG Polymers, Vizag. This the company claims will prevent further degradation and hence another probable gas leak, thereby ensuring the site is safe.

ACtify Green Retarder is a new green polymer retardant that is thermally stable and provides excellent protection during unscheduled shutdowns.

The Procurement office from LG called up Dorf Ketal to procure ACtify 2680 – it’s patented Green Retarder on the basis that ACtify 2680 is safe to use and handle . And that is how Dorf Ketal got involved to help LG in India.

Dorf was asked to give ACtify 2680 and ACtify 2673. ACtify 2673 is a polymerisation inhibitor which is used in Styrene plants.

Since the country was under lockdown due to Covid 19 – there were no options to move the material to Vizag. The Central Home Ministry gave permission to airlift the material from Mundra with the help of Indian Airforce.Dorf Ketal employees helped load the material. The addition of the Styrene Inhibitor will ensure the safety of LG Polymers site.

Rohith Kukkadapu

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