Salman Khan’s Veergati co star Pooja Dadwal showing COVID 19 symptoms

pooja dadwal

Subsequent to looking for help from her ‘Veergati’ co-star Salman Khan to fight tuberculosis, Pooja Dadwal is in a difficult situation once more. As indicated by the most recent reports, Pooja has been experiencing cold, fever, shortcoming and furthermore has breathing issues.

In an ongoing meeting, Pooja Dadwal uncovered that her wellbeing is deteriorating step by step and she is demonstrating side effects of COVID-19. She additionally said that she has been getting cash from her companions however now even they have would not support her.

Pooja included that she has no cash to do the COVID-19 test, who is additionally dealing with her sickly spouse. She said that the purpose for her unforeseen weakness may likewise be a direct result of progress in climate. Pooja, who dwells in Goa, likewise uncovered that there are four positive cases in her neighborhood. As she is in a difficult situation once more, she has requested assistance from Salman since nobody else is helping her in these extreme occasions.

Prior, in a meeting with ETimes, she had said that she adores Salman. “He has been with me both in soul and something else. I need to meet him and I will. I have said this multiple occasions, I revere Salman Khan. I couldn’t want anything more than to work with him once more.”

Pooja has been encountering hack and cold, fever, sleepiness, shortness of breath, sore throat, body throb and loss of taste. Be that as it may, she says she isn’t getting herself tried in light of the fact that they are costly. She says that with the sum spent on testing, she would prefer to purchase home basics. The entertainer has just acquired Rs 500 to Rs 1000 from somebody and now is trusting Salman would support her.

“I have prior requested Salman’s assistance and he acted the hero. He helped me with my treatment in Mumbai for six to eight months and later he dealt with my living in Goa. Today, by and by I am in a difficult situation and requesting his assistance. I don’t want to argue for help each time from Salman however nobody else approaches to help and help with the exception of Salman. I am by and by in a tough situation Salman, if you don’t mind help me,” she told

Before she moved to Goa, Pooja purportedly went for a film in Mumbai. She utilized the cash earned from the task on keeping the house running for as far back as multi month

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