Railways runs its first Special Train for migrant workers to reach Jharkhand from Telangana.

Railways runs its first Special Train for migrant workers to reach Jharkhand from Telangana.

Railways runs its first Special Train for migrant workers to reach Jharkhand from Telangana.

Amid the rising Covid19 cases and nationwide lockdown, Indian Railways runs its first Special Train to ferry migrant labourers from Telangana to Jharkhand. The Special Train carrying 1,200 migrant labourers, began its journey from Lingampally in Telangana and its destination is Hatia in Jharkhand.

Since March 25, when the nationwide lockdown was announced by PM Modi, thousands of migrant workers were stranded across the country. These labourers had to face unemployment, hunger and homelessness due to the lockdown. Some of them even tried walking home from one state to another.

Several state chief ministers requested the Central government to make arrangements to bring back the migrant workers. The Ministry of Home Affairs have allowed the states to use buses to ferry their migrants. 

The Special Train.

RPF DG Arun Kumar briefs about the Special Train to the media. “The 24 coach train started at 4.50 am today (Friday). 1,200 migrants are on board.” According to him this is the only train for now on duty to send off migrants.

Indian Railways too issues a statement briefing about the train carrying migrant labourers to Jharkhand from Telangana. “Today (Friday) morning a one-off special train was run from Lingampalli to Hatia. This is on request of the state government of Telangana and as per the directions of ministry of railways. We are following all necessary precautions such as prior screening of passengers, maintaining social distancing at station and in the train etc.

Lockdown guidelines a must.

Everyday the number of positive coronavirus cases is rising in India. The current figures in India has crossed the 35,000 mark and death toll stands at 1,147. Under such circumstances following the lockdown directives is a must. The spokesperson for the South Central Railway says that they have taken care of precautionary measures.

All the passengers are thermal screened at the station, masks are mandatory for everyone. They will get food on board as the train will have no halts.

Each coach which has the capacity to take 72 passengers, only 54 passengers are traveling per coach. Six passengers are traveling instead of eight in coupes. 

The restoration plan.

The Ministry of Railway has already prepared a list to ferry the migrant workers to their home state. Several states like Maharashtra, Kerala, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Punjab and Telangana have requested for a special train service to bring back the migrant labourers.

Therefore, starting today, these trains will consistently run to ferry migrant workers. However, normal services will not resume anytime soon. 

Today on the occasion of International Labour Day, this special train is a special gift for these migrant labourers. 

Nidhi Shree

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