Rajasthan Crisis: ‘Hurt but not joining BJP’ confirms Pilot.

Rajasthan Crisis: ‘Hurt but not joining BJP’ confirms Pilot.

Amid the ongoing Rajasthan political crisis, Sachin Pilot confirms that he is ‘hurt but not joining BJP’. The power battle between Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot took an unexpected turn on Tuesday when Congress sacked Pilot. Sachin Pilot is removed from his Rajasthan Deputy CM post as well as Pradesh Congress Committee chief.

After Sachin Pilot’s rebellion, there were speculations swirling around that he may join the saffron party. As soon as the news of Pilot being sacked from the Congress party broke out the rumours of him joining BJP got stronger. Putting an end to all those speculations and breaking his silence, Pilot confirms that he has no plans of joining BJP. 

Breaking his silence, Pilot says that in the last one year it was difficult to protect his self-respect in the party. He says that Ashok Gehlot and his loyalists used to gang up on him after Rahul Gandhi’s exit from the Congress chief post. 

“Rahul Gandhi is no more the Congress president. After he quit last year, Gehlot ji and his friends in AICC ganged up against me. Since then it became a struggle for protecting my self-respect,” says Pilot.

Pilot Alleges Gehlot.

Alleging Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot, Sachin Pilot says that Gehlot didn’t give space and dignity to work for Rajasthan’s development. He further alleges that for months there had been no cabinet meetings and CLP meetings to discuss developmental work in Rajasthan. 

“I’m not angry with him. I’m not demanding any special power or privilege. All I wanted was that the Congress government in Rajasthan worked towards delivering the promises we made in the run up to the elections,” says Pilot.

“Ashok Gehlot did not allow me and my followers the dignity and space to work for Rajasthan’s development. The bureaucrats were asked not to follow my directives, files were not sent to me. Cabinet meetings and CLP meetings had not been held for months. What’s the worth of a position if that doesn’t allow me to fulfill the commitments I made to my people?,” questions Pilot.

Sachin Pilot opens up about what led to his rebellion with the party in Rajasthan. He says that he used to raise several questions regarding issues in the state but there was no response from the CM. Pilot accuses that there is no room for debate and discussion in the party.

“I informed AICC in-charge of Rajasthan and other senior leaders. I raised it with Gehlot ji. But, as I said, there used to be hardly any meeting among ministers or legislators. There is no room for debate and discussion.”

Not Joining BJP.

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot after sacking Pilot from the party, alleged that Pilot was playing into the hands of BJP. Gehlot accused that Pilot with BJP is trying to topple the Rajasthan government. Denying these allegations, Pilot says, “There is no truth in these allegations. I have worked hard to make Congress win in Rajasthan. Why will I work against my own party?”

Reacting to these accusations from Congress, Pilot says that for five years he worked hard to oust the saffron party. He says, I battled with BJP to bring in a Congress government in Rajasthan, then how can I go against my own party?

“For five years, I have worked hard battling the BJP. As part of Rajasthan Congress, I worked to oust the BJP and bring in a Congress government. If someone is making political overtures, it can’t be made out that I will join them.”

Sachin Pilot says that the rumours of him joining the BJP is an attempt to tarnish his image. “Those saying that I am joining the BJP are trying to tarnish my image. There is no question of joining the BJP. I have not said a single word against the party despite provocations and being stripped of posts.”

Disqualification Notice.

A disqualification notice is issued to 19 Congress leaders including Sachin Pilot for their rebellion. The notice is issued because Sachin Pilot along with 19 others did not attend the CLP meeting held yesterday. Rajasthan Speaker after issuing the disqualification notice, seeks reply by July 17. 

“Notice issued to Sachin Pilot and 18 other party members, for not attending Congress Legislative Party meetings. If they don’t respond within 2 days, then it will be considered that they are withdrawing their membership from CLP,” says Avinash Pande. According to sources, there is a belief in the Congress camp that the disqualification notice could bring back some of the MLA’s from Sachin’s camp.

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