Actress Vijaya Lakshmi hospitalised after suicide attempt


Tamil entertainer Vijaya Lakshmi purportedly endeavored suicide on Sunday refering to social media abuse and torturing. as the reasons that drove her to the outrageous advance.Utilizing Social accounts, Vijaya Lakshmi has discharged a few recordings where she has blamed adherents for Naam Thamizhar party Leader Seeman and Panankattu Padai’s Hari Nadar of bothering her over contrast of conclusions.

On Sunday, she posted a video on Facebook professing to have expended pills that would prompt decreased pulse bringing about death.Vijaya Lakshmi additionally refered to provocation by adherents of Seeman and Hari Nadar as the essential explanation that drove her to make the outrageous stride. She has requested that the two persons be captured for exposing her to outrageous online provocation.

In the video she posted on Facebook, “This is my last video. I have been under outrageous worry over the most recent four months on account of Seeman and his gathering men. I attempted my best to make due for my family. I have been embarrassed by Hari Nadar in the media. I have expended BP tablets. In some time my BP will be low and I will be dead.”

The entertainer had additionally included that her passing ought to be an eye-opener and engaged her fans not to let Seeman and Hari Nadar escape after what she asserted they did to her.Passing by the most recent information sources, Vijaya Lakshmi has been admitted to a private emergency clinic in Chennai where she is experiencing treatment.Seeman is the pioneer of Naam Tamilar Katchi, a Tamil patriot party with a political nearness in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Hari Nadar of political outfit Panankattu Padai, then again, fruitlessly challenged the Nanguneri Assembly byelection in Tamil Nadu in October of a year ago.

She included, “I might want to tell fans who are viewing the video since I was conceived in Karnataka, Seeman has tormented me a ton. As a lady, I have endured it to my most noteworthy abilities. I won’t be capable handle the weight any longer. I am from the Pillai people group, a similar network LTTE pioneer Prabhakaran is a piece of. Prabhakaran is the main explanation Seeman is the sort of person he is today, yet now he has been annoying me via web-based networking media consistently. You prostitute disgraced me to cause me to feel the torment and it is dependent upon me to choose what to do in the wake of confronting such put-down from you. I demand my fans not to let Seeman escape from this case. He ought to never get expectant bail. My passing ought to be a major eye-opener to everybody. I would prefer not to be a Slave to anyone.”

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