YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to Unveil YSR biography ( Naalo…. Naatho…)


The stage is good to go for an uncommon enthusiastic second for boss clergyman Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy as he will divulge a book composed by his mom Vijayalakshmi on his dad and previous boss pastor of unified Andhra Pradesh, the late YSR Wednesday.Named Naalo.. Naatho… YSR (Within me..With me… YSR), the book is a story by Vijayalakshmi on the life and times of Rajasekhara Reddy and the unforeseen development in the repercussions of September 2, 2009.

The book discharge will stamp the 71st birth commemoration of YSR. In the prelude, Vijayalakshmi composes that she comprehends what the world thinks about the pioneer, yet in this book ‘I have expounded on certain realities about the Great Leader which the outside world doesn’t have the foggiest idea.’The book gives a record of how YSR appropriately took care of the different obligations as a child, father, sibling, spouse, child in-law, father-in-law, companion, and pioneer and how he used to blend without hardly lifting a finger and comprehension.

The book is sprinkled with stories from the pioneer’s life- – from marriage at a youthful age, how he earned a name as a helpless man’s primary care physician, passage into legislative issues, his authority characteristics from his understudy days, empathy towards poor people, his in political life, training of kids, their relationships, love of god, winning people groups’ heart, the range from being the PCC president to boss priest and the pulls and weights subsequently, Praja Prasthanam, his warmth towards Jagan, Sharmila and Bharathi, the downpour of complex circumstances that emerged after the end of the incredible pioneer. The occurrences that occurred till Jagan made vow as boss pastor are described in the book.

Vijayamma follows his excursion from marriage at a youthful age, the conditions at that point, how he earned the name as a helpless man’s PCP, his entrance into legislative issues, and later his authority characteristics from understudy days and his empathy towards poor people.She additionally tracks the excursion of the pioneer directly from being the APCC (Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee) president days to the Chief Minister, and the pulls and weights there on.The book is a record of YSR’s life and his political excursion and how he is as yet alive as the government assistance plans he presented, and it will be helpful and move the people in the future, she wrote in the introduction. The book is distributed by Emesco.

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